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Online Order Lounge

ORDER ONLINE: Mon-Sat 9am-2pm 
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PLACE ORDER: approx. 9am to 2pm



The Healing Center Online Order Lounge is a courtesy service available only to current PA Medical Marijuana cardholders.

The Online Order Lounge is available during times designated by The Healing Center and published online. Order requests are for same-day pick-up and expire at close of business.

A Pennsylvania driver’s license or identification card and a PA Medical Marijuana card must be presented at pick up. Payments must be made in person at The Healing Center.
Online Order Lounge requests are subject to availability, product limits and approval by The Healing Center. An order request is not guaranteed until a patient’s information has been verified and a confirmation email that the order is being filled is sent to the patient. Patients using The Online Order Lounge should not visit The Healing Center before reading the instructions in their confirmation email.
Order requests placed online may not be combined with any other purchase. No additions, deletions or substitutions are allowed at the facility. Additional order items are subject to regular admissions procedures and wait times.
A patient or caregiver who places an order without picking up may be prohibited from using the service.
1. Online ordering is only available during published times
2. ORDERS MUST BE PICKED UP BY close of business, THE SAME DAY. After close on the day of the order, all products are returned to the shelf and again become available to all patients. We cannot hold products overnight.
3. Please do not come to pick up your order until you receive an email that it is ready, unless you wish to purchase additional products thru the normal sign-in procedure.
If you see an exciting new item added after you place your order, please enter the normal patient queue. After making your onsite purchase, you would then proceed to the Online Order Lounge.
4. When you come to pick up your order, you will bypass the normal line in the waiting room and be admitted to the Express Order Lounge in the Dispensary area.
5. The policy of The Healing Center concerning the editing of orders upon pick up is to generally not allow this practice due to heavy order volume. However, if possible, during periods of minimal patient flow, we will accommodate each patient the best we can. 
6. Should you require a consultation with one of our Nurse Practitioners or Pharmacists, you will need to proceed back to the waiting room.
Orders will be filled in a first-in, first-out basis regardless of pick-up times.